Something Giant is coming…!

Big time basketball is set to return to Manchester this year with the resurrection of the Manchester Giants basketball club.

A consortium of Manchester basketball enthusiasts, led by former Giants player and coach Jeff Jones have been successful in their application to the British Basketball League for a new franchise for the city.

And the Club, who used to attract crowds of over 10,000 in the later 1990’s, will play their home matches at the Wright Robinson Sports College in Gorton.

Ticket prices for home games will start at just £10 for adults and £6 for children, under 5s are free and the Giants hope to attract up to 850 spectators to matches in their first season.

On court, the Manchester Giants will again be overseen by Coach Jeff Jones, who will spend the next few months pulling together a roster of some of Britain’s and Manchester’s hottest basketball talent.

Jeff said: “I am absolutely delighted to be back coaching the Manchester Giants – it has been a long term ambition of mine to bring a professional basketball franchise back to Manchester and we’re aiming to hit the ground running and introduce a competitive team to the league, with a good balance of home grown talent with more experienced players.”

The new franchise has been 18 months in the making and the people behind the club hope that success on the court will be reflected in a successful, sustainable, community based organisation off the court.

Among plans for the franchise include setting up a new charity – the Manchester Giants Community Foundation that will see the club and its players work with young people and schools across the City.

Steve Mansfield, one of the new directors who helped pull the application together said: “We are delighted that we have been able to resurrect such an iconic Manchester sports brand as the Manchester Giants. It has taken a lot of hard work to get to this stage but we are only a months away from the first match of the new season and a new era for basketball in Manchester and a new force in the BBL.”

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  1. Jack Lawless says:

    Will tickets be on the door? Keep us updated looking forward to seeing what the Giants have to offer!

  2. Commercial Manager says:

    Hi Jack,
    Tickets available shortly on this website, even season tickets.
    Also tickets on the night if you prefer.
    If you are a Manchester Giants fan, check our merchandise at, click on shop, shop by Team, basketball, Manchester Giants.
    The home and away vest will be slightly changed, we ned to apply the BBL logo above the Ektio logo.
    What do you think about the kit ?
    I have already bought mine and look and feel awesome !!!

  3. Really like the Away kit… the Home kits nice, but purple is not my colour.

  4. Jack Lawless says:

    Great news about the tickets, I await to hear price plans and whatnot! Keep us updated!

    I am not sure about the away kit, the home kit is preferable, although I may be swayed to get just the hoodie as I prefer the black/purple combo!

  5. James Renfrew says:

    I’ve just checked out the merchandise items, i love the sublimated effect of the Giants feet on the back!

    No-one in the league has a kit like this to my knowledge so i think it looks great.

    Am i correct in saying Ektio and Gatorade are two sponsers of the club?

    I hope in the coming months shorts will be made available to compliment the vests as the colour combo of the home vest is not a usual scheme and finding a suitable matching pair of shorts could be difficult.

    Seen via Twitter there is a pre-season friendly vs Stockport on Mon 17th Sept, do i check this out to see who is playing for the team or wait until the Lions match at WRSC…??

    Hmm choices choices, great to have the Giants back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • manchestergiants manchestergiants says:

      Hi James

      Thanks for the comments and we love the novelty of the feet, you will see more and more of them around Manchester.
      Ektio and Gatorade are indeed sponsors and there is more news coming soon about a major sponsor!
      Shorts will be available soon.

      Come to the friendly, another one just announced on 11/9 away to Rossendale Raptors @ 8pm. We will still have some team surprises come the first game, don’t want to give it all aay to early.

      • James Renfrew says:

        I will indeed be coming to the Rossendale friendly, when i tried to get tickets they weren’t available but am told from the people at the venue they will contact me when they are.

        Quite lucky i have a partner who enjoys watching baskeball so she’ll e there too and possibly some of my teammates.

        This major sponser tba sounds very promising that backing has been sourced.

        I appreciate that the sport at the moment is not a “major” attraction to the masses, but i’m sure the Giants will be bucking the trend to become a powerhouse franchise!

        We’ll be giving our support as best we can, we don’t want to be without a pro team again! :0)

    • Commercial Manager says:

      Hi James,
      Shorts are now available at

      • James Renfrew says:

        Great stuff, the team are working well behind the scenes to roll out the merchandise even before a ball is tipped :0)

        Just wondering is there any further logos/ crestes to be added to the kit as i want to make sure when i buy mine there are not updated versions afterwards, i think i’ve read this happened to someone who has commented within the website…..

        For sure i’ll be buying once i know!

        • Commercial Manager says:

          Hi James,
          The home and away kit at is now on and it won’t change for the season. We have added shorts as well.

          • James Renfrew says:

            Hey Mr Manager, Just want to let you guys know O’Neills are STILL sending out old vests!!!!

            I ordered after reading your above reply, it has arrived today and there is still no BBL logo nor the clubs main sponser logo, please kick their behinds into gear because this has frustrated me, they should not display how the vest should be only to send out a different one.


  6. alistair hay says:

    The merchandise looks great, we need to get the new tourist information place in picadilly to have details of games, merchandise details etc. Great to see things moving so professionally, keep up the great work

  7. Matt Noon says:

    gutted, I purchased the vest when o’neills first started selling them so mine doesn’t have the bbl logo :(

    • manchestergiants manchestergiants says:

      Bring it along to the first game Matt and we will see if we can get it signed by a few players to make up for the lack of a logo. Ask for me when you arrive.

      • Matt Noon says:

        that would be epic, who do I ask for as the tag on your comment is manchestergiants, also it will have to be the 2nd game as im away for the first :(

  8. Chris Scruton says:

    The merchandise looks very good!! Might buy a hoody. Ticket prices seem very reasonable too. How much is a season ticket? I will be bringing my son to the games, he is 18 months, do I have to pay for him?

    • manchestergiants manchestergiants says:

      Hi Chris

      No charge for the little Giant, Under 5′s are free. Season ticket prices are to be announced on Friday on the website. We will be offering extra discounts if bought before the 14/9 so watch this space.

  9. Rob Knapper says:

    Brilliant to have the Giants back and I for one cannot wait to see you play again. I live near Cambridge so will try and make as many of the games as I can because nothing beats a night at the Giants. I have a few questions:

    1) Are the Shooting Stars cheerleaders squad coming back? They made many a young (and old man) happy.

    2) What are the future plans with regards to the venue? Is there a plan to move to Sports City at any point?

    3) Has the club got a mascot yet?

    4) Are there plans to work with the Manchester Magic? It would be a shame if the two clubs do not work together as I can see a massive dynasty happening in Manchester.

    Once again, welcome back to the BBL it has been a long time coming. To say I was heart broken when the Giants folded would be an understatement.
    Cannot wait until the new season……..

    • manchestergiants manchestergiants says:

      Hi Rob

      Great to hear from you, I’ll try and answer your questions;

      The Shooting Stars are not coming back I’m afraid but a new modern version and something different for the BBL are. Confident no one will be dissappointed.

      We do have plans for a future venue but can’t say too much at the moment, will have to take the fifth on that one.

      We do have plans for a mascot and hopefully he will bring back fond memories for some and some good new entertainment for others.

      We have appraoched Magic and are investigating ways two great Manchester sports organisations can work together for the good of basketball in the city.

      Look forward to seeing you soon.

  10. alistair hay says:

    Hi been working silly hours did the season tkt info go out on friday, no problem if not just not sure if I missed it

  11. james renfrew says:

    Something Giant is HERE! In 2 1/2 hours time the ball will be tipped, we’re there! Who else!

    • Andrew says:

      Something giant came!

      Great start to the season, enjoyed by all.
      Giant thanks to Steve Mansfield and his team for making us all welcome, and thanks to Jeff Jones and his team for doing the business on the court!

      Good to meet you tonight

  12. Fabio Omalley says:

    Great Game Tonight Was So Good Seen The Giants Back In Action Great Turn Out Of Support At This Rate We Will Need A Bigger Sport Center To Play At Cause Now The Giants Are Back There Going To Grow N Grow
    Lets Go Giants Lets Go

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