2021/22 Season Tickets Terms & Conditions

Manchester Giants Ltd. Season Tickets 2021 to 2022

Terms and Conditions of Issue

  1. Season tickets are issued by and remain the property of Manchester Giants Ltd. and are subject to any regulations by the organiser of the competition in which the match is being played as well as the National Basketball Performance Centre regulations.
  2. The season ticket includes access to all BBL league, BBL Cup & BBL Trophy matches plus pre-season friendlies. It does NOT include BBL Play Off matches.
  3. Force Majeure – In the event that a situation of force majeure which temporarily or permanently prevents Manchester Giants ltd from performing its obligations under this Agreement, the Company shall be entitled forthwith to terminate this Agreement by notice  via e-mail to the Client without prejudice to the rights and obligations of the parties hereto accruing up to and including the date of termination. No guarantee is made about the number of games the season ticket will include. No refunds will be issued in the event of an early cancellation or postponement of the season or a scenario where some games are cancelled and others take place.
  4. This ticket is non-transferable and not for re-sale except by authorised agents with explicit permission.
  5. It is the ticket holder’s responsibility to notify Manchester Giants Ltd. about any change of contact details.
  6. The use of this ticket as a prize in competitions or lotteries is prohibited unless with prior permission of the club.
  7. For the avoidance of doubt this season ticket is non-refundable.
  8. In the event of postponement, and should a game be re-scheduled this ticket will be valid for the re-arranged match. It is your sole responsibility to ascertain the new date and time.
  9. Manchester Giants Ltd reserves the right to move your allocated seat, or make all seats unreserved at any time. All seating will be unreserved whilst social distancing measures are in place. Please contact the club for more information. 
  10. The free school visit to the first 20 purchases of junior ticket is limited to one per transaction, and will be offered to the school, we can’t promise acceptance by the school, and offers are limited to schools within 40 miles of the National Basketball Performance Centre.
  11. Photography and video recording at the match is only permitted at the National Basketball Performance Centre solely for personal use.
  12. The use of this ticket constitutes the acceptance of the terms and conditions of Manchester Giants Ltd Ticket Office: National Basketball Performance Centre, Kirkmanshulme Lane, Manchester, M12 5QN.  Email: info@manchestergiants.com www.manchestergiants.com


Conditions of Sale:

  1. This season ticket card comprising amongst other things, the season ticket card contained herein remains the property of Manchester Giants Ltd. It must be produced on demand by the season ticket holder or any person authorised to use the season ticket card at a particular match to an official of the Club.
  2. The holder shall be responsible for compliance and observance by the holder and by any nominee with these conditions of issue (“the conditions”) and any ground regulations. An act of the nominee will be deemed to be the act of the holder. Any misconduct by the holder or nominee, or failure to adhere to conditions or ground regulations which the club considers detrimental to its interests or is likely in the opinion of the club to bring basketball into disrepute shall permit the club to confiscate or forfeit this season ticket card and/ or ban the holder and/or nominee from attending future events at the ground for any good period deemed appropriate by the Club.
  3. The sale of this season ticket card and/or season ticket card is strictly prohibited to a holder, a nominee found to have sold or offered this season ticket card or any of the season ticket card to a third party will have the season ticket card confiscated without refund.
  4. In the event of this season ticket card being lost or misplaced, the club will charge £10 to replace the season ticket.
  5. The holder must notify the club of any changes of address immediately.
  6. Immediately on receipt of this season ticket card, it is the responsibility of the holder to check that the season ticket card contains all the correct information.
  7. If these conditions are not accepted, this season ticket card should be returned to the club immediately. The use of any season ticket card will be deemed to constitute acceptance by the holder and any nominee of these conditions.
  8. This season ticket card is issued to such additional rules, and conditions as the club may from time to time specify and shall be valid when enclosed in the wallet provided.
  9. The club reserves the right to change the venue, date and time of the tip-off of any game.