Gravesend-based RECOVAPRO (, which sells its products as far and wide as the United States, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, Europe and Asia, is focusing its attention ‘up-North’ with its latest partnership.  It has chosen to sponsor the Manchester Giants professional basketball team.  The desire is to increase exposure of this growing brand, with an association to pro-sport, but also show the general public the benefits and how they too, can recover from aches and pains in a professional manner.

The product is sold online and shipped to customers around the world via its e-commerce platform.  It has managed to secure a discount to all GIANTS supporters by simply utilising code: GIANTS 2020 at checkout.  It is simply the best percussion massage device.

RECOVAPRO, is the world’s leading exercise recovery device, which, among other things, helps highly-active people to recover from strenuous exercise faster, be more energised and return to training more quickly.

“While people who exercise regularly and take fitness seriously is the primary market, our device will immeasurably help shoppers relax,” says Founder, Andrew Jackson.

Despite being in its infancy (having only lunched in July 2019), RECOVAPRO is a true English business success story and is already working with the representatives of tennis pros, rugby players, footballers, boxers, and athletes who will be competing in the 2020 Olympics.  But only working with sports professionals isn’t what the Company exists for, as Andrew explains. “Until RECOVAPRO, hyper-fast exercise recovery has been the domain of elite sports people, creating an insurmountable gap between novices and professionals. Our trade mark is RECOVER LIKE A PRO™ – and that’s what we allow non-professionals to do.”

With a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, RECOVAPRO is certainly gaining traction. “As more and more people become serious about pushing themselves to their fitness limits, it’s vitally important that they know how to recover like a pro. In short, we’re a perfect Christmas present for people who are looking to be fitter and more active in 2020 and beyond”.

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