Prize Draw No Members Name
£500 BD5282 A GILL
£1000 WC0006 S BRAILEY
£100 MN1383 B MAKIN
£50 WB5247 T GREGORY
£50 OA6110 R SIGLEY
£25 SD6962 B YATES
£10 LJ5415 M T MCGRATH
£10 SA5108 M BOOTH
£10 PA4952 P KNOWLES
£10 SA4365 G JAMES
£10 NG3357 P EVANS
£10 SD5955 A PRIOR
£10 LL2285 M RIPLEY
£10 SA5955 P JORDAN
£10 O.5352 R DAWSON
£10 NJ4722 S TAYLOR







It costs just £2 per week to join, and you can sign up here – or pick up a form at a Giants home game.