Prize Draw No Members Name
£500 Rollover N/A No Winner
£1000 CB3902 N WEST
£100 MN0713 I OGDEN
£50 LK1890 J TAYLOR
£50 BL0525 V CARTER
£25 BA6617 C WOODS
£25 NA6165 J BOND
£10 HK0555 R SMITH
£10 OB1512 A HOWARTH
£10 SB5166 C ANDREW
£10 NG5332 W CUMMING
£10 HM1530 B THOMAS
£10 LM4648 D FOGARTY
£10 PD5779 V BRADLEY
£10 RA5560 R RIDDING
£10 HB4632 F LICKISS
£10 NF5040 P PARKER












It costs just £2 per week to join, and you can sign up here – or pick up a form at a Giants home game.