Prize Draw No Members Name
£1,000 PA4304 E HARTLEY
£3,500 Q.5843 NO WINNER
£100 K.2669 P LORD
£50 PC5733 W COMISH
£25 BB6147 MRS NASH
£25 WD0918 C DURSLEY
£10 RB3140 J BRAMALL
£10 NJ4282 R BUTTON
£10 SA4260 L JONES
£10 WD1566 M PARKER
£10 BA2688 B PORTER
£10 HL2609 H HEMBLYS
£10 MN2575 T DIXON
£10 P.4920 J & B BALL
£10 HA0214 E W WALLIS
£10 WB1637 HARRIS

It costs just £2 per week to join, and you can sign up here – or pick up a form at a Giants home game.