Giants make it 2 wins in 2 tonight as they beat the Newcastle Eagles at the Vertu Motors Arena 64-84. 


Returning home to Newcastle in today’s game is 2x BBL MVP Rahmon Fletcher who spent 8 years in the north eastern outfit.

Eagles Ben Mockford stuns the Giants in the opening with back to back makes in quick succession to take an early 5-0 lead. Dirk Williams responds with a close finish at the basket to set the Giants off in tonight’s fixture. The dangerous duo of Rahmon Fletcher and Dirk Williams consistently blow past their defender to grab the close basket and bring the giants within 1. To counter the 3 guard pronged attack of Newcastle, Head Coach Vince Macaulay alters the Giants starting lineup to make way for Nick Lewis, Lewis repays the favour with a three to keep this game nice and close early on. Momentum shifted halfway through the game as Rahmon Fletcher got three the old fashioned way to tie the game up 14 each. Tajh Green gave the Giants the first lead of the evening and the Giants continued to build on that as Nick Lewis, William Lee and Legend Robertin all made in the final two minutes of the quarter to put the Giants up by 8. 

The Giants continue their physical offensive play by getting to the basket as Rahmon Fletcher converts from close to give the Giants their first double digit lead of the evening. The second quarter was a lower scoring passage of play in comparison to its predecessor with 5 minutes played and a combined total of 13 points scored between both teams with the Giants the slight advantage in the quarter. Momentum began to slide in favour of the Eagles towards the half time interval, drawing consistent fouls and getting to the line for easy makes to bring the lead within 5. Another three from Ben Mockford brings the game to a single possession. Sensing this, Rahmon Fletcher and Tajh Green combine on back to back possessions with the former feeding the latter down low for consecutive makes. The ending to the second quarter gained a lot of traction with end to end action that left the crowd breathless. The action encapsulated with a last second lob from Newcastle to make it a 1 point game at the end of the quarter. The Giants held onto a slight lead. 

High intensity carried into this quarter as both teams still struggled to pull ahead going like-for-like in the early intervals of the quarter. The physicality showed in the foul column tonight with Newcastle and Manchester both on 17 fouls a piece. The high tallies put both teams and many individuals in foul trouble. The Giants relinquished the lead to the Eagles with 5 minutes and 37 seconds left in the quarter. Both teams battled throughout the quarter, consistently trading baskets until A pair of Rahmon Fletcher free throws began to slowly close the gap. Fletcher and William Lee combined in the dying embers of the quarter and left a single point being the difference maker between these two teams. 

Tajh Green keeps this game close after a pair of Darius Defoe free throws attempted to extend the lead Followed up by a stunning 4 point play by Nick Lewis to put the Giants up by 3. Callum Jones began to pull the strings to get the Giants ticking over on a momentum standpoint, the Veteran guard provided back to back assists to take the Giants to a 5 point lead. Manchester began to find their feet once again in this game after a shaky period prior, the Giants diminished any doubts with growing their lead to an all game high of 16. Chewing the clock followed in order to secure a Giants win. William Lee from midrange being the final nail in the coffin that silenced the Vertu Motors Arena. 

William Lee is proving to be a double double machine in this early period of the season leading both scorers and rebounders as he finished with 22 points and 11 rebounds. Close to having a double double was both Rahmon Fletcher and Tajh Green. The former finished on 19 points with 9 assists, the latter on 17 points and 9 rebounds. Nick Lewis had an incredible game providing 11 points and 5 steals off the bench. 

Head Coach Vince Macaulay said: ” We didn’t know much about Newcastle going into this game so we just had to focus on our own performance”. 

It is once again a double header this weekend as the Manchester Giants are back at the National Performance Basketball Centre to face the Plymouth city Patriots on October 2nd. Tip off is at 5:00PM to come and see these high flying Giants 

Photo: Newcastle Eagles Media