We turn the spotlight from the court to the stands as we get to know some of the interesting people that follow the Giants! If you would like to be featured, please fill in the form here

Can you remember your first Giants game? 

Frank’s Giants Tattoo

Although I remember watching Manchester teams at Stretford Sports Centre the first game in true Giants mode was a double bill with a Harlem Globetrotters game at the MEN Arena. The Globetrotters game was rubbish but the Giants game, a playoff vs London Leopards, was a blast so four of us went on the supporters coach to Docklands and we were hooked.

Do you follow the NBA and if so, which team do you follow? 

Frank enjoying the experience at an OKC game

I follow Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA and stream all games via NBA League Pass. OKC because my Jeni lives there!

Where do you like to sit? 

We sit where possible on the back row which gives excellent all-court vision.

What’s your favourite thing about supporting the Giants? 

My favourite thing about supporting Giants is the incredible atmosphere at most games win or lose.

What’s been your best day as a Giants fan? 

Best day as a Giants fan was when the club returned  to the BBL

Which player from another BBL team would you most like to play for the Giants? 

From another BBL team I would pick either Jamal Anderson (talented and quick) or Andy Thompson (local big guy with a sweet shot) both out of Riders.

Which arena do you like to visit to watch the Giants? 

Cheshire Nix arena is my favourite. Always a great atmosphere.

Who do you see as our biggest rivals?

Biggest rivals have be the Nix, followed closely by Sharks.

Who is your favourite all time Giants player? 

Frank’s Granddaughter with his current favourite, Callum Jones

Favourite Giants player would be Callum as a current player but Mark Robinson as all time.. (passion and talent plus a really smart guy…altho not every fan’s cup of tea)

What are you doing to stay entertained at the moment, during the current lockdown across the country? 

The lockdown is driving me mad and apart from walking my dog I do very little.

What are you missing the most about the club?

I am certainly missing the weekly hoops fix and the friends made at Giants. Cannot wait for the new season to start.