We turn the spotlight from the court to the stands as we get to know some of the interesting people that follow the Giants! If you would like to be featured, please fill in the form here

This week’s Giants super fan is Jake Nicholls, you’ll recognise Jake as the mullet haired hype-man on the front row behind the Giants bench.

Jake likes to be close to the bench

Can you remember your first Giants game? 

97/98 against Birmingham Bullets

Do you follow the NBA and if so, which team do you follow? 

Yes and if I had to pick one.. TrailBlazers

Where do you like to sit? 

Behind the Giants Bench front row!

What’s your favourite thing about supporting the Giants? 

Release of energy and stress, win or lose the support from fans!

What’s been your best day as a Giants fan? 

The Riders win by one with a game winning block from Willie Clayton.

Gettys throwing it down.

Which player from another BBL team would you most like to play for the Giants? 

CJ Gettys.

Which arena do you like to visit to watch the Giants? 

Glasgow was nice.

Who do you see as our biggest rivals?

Cheshire or Worcester.

Who is your favourite all time Giants player? 

Tony Dorsey.

Giants take on Glasgow at the Emirates Arena

What are you doing to stay entertained at the moment, during the current lockdown across the country? 

Bike rides, playing NBA 2k, cooking and walks.

What are you missing the most about the club?

Getting a half day on a Sunday hungover to come and watch a home game!