We turn the spotlight from the court to the stands as we get to know some of the interesting people that follow the Giants! If you would like to be featured, please fill in the form here

This week’s Giants super fan is Terry Howarth, a long time matchday volunteer with the rest of his family. Terry is the proud owner of a Giants branded Fiat Punto.

Terry with his Giants cake.

Can you remember your first Giants game?

I’ve been a fan since the days at the MEN arena!

Where do you like to sit? 

As a volunteer I don’t normally get chance to sit!

What’s your favourite thing about supporting the Giants? 

The Giants are one big family. 

What’s been your best day as a Giants fan? 

2 days – both when my family members won the volunteer of the year award. 

Which player from another BBL team would you most like to play for the Giants? 

Rob Marsden

Which arena do you like to visit to watch the Giants? 

Cheshire, the Giants fans make all the noise!

Who do you see as our biggest rivals?

Terry’s Giants Punto


Who is your favourite all time Giants player? 

So many – David Aliu, Mike Bernard, Stef Gill, the Jones bros, Ingus, Sam Lane, Jerrelle Okoro, Willie Clayton…. 

What are you doing to stay entertained at the moment, during the current lock down across the country? 

Catching up with work at home

Terrry’s family will be familiar to all Giants fans.

What are you missing the most about the club?

I always hate the closed season, I miss the game days!