THE Giants were forced to play a game of catch-up and couldn’t quite get there.

Despite closing a gap that was as wide as 15 points to two then later three points, the Giants fell just short against their BBL play-off rivals.

They trailed 25-17 after a quarter and 41-30 at half-time.

But the gap was closed to just 58-55 by the end of the third and though the Rocks pulled away again in the fourth, the Giants reeled them in again at 73-70.

But they couldn’t quite get level and the visitors held on at the death.

Callum Jones (pictured) led the Giants with 15 points, 10 rebounds and 9 assists, while Stefan Gill and David Watts had 12 each with the latter claiming 10 boards.

GIANTS: Jones 15, 11rbs, 9as; Gill 12; Watts 12, 10rbs; Eaves 8; Bankevics 7; Grimes 7, 10rbs; Bernard 5; Bwana 3; Murtagh 1.