Financial Information

Please note that we offer the First training session for free. After the first session, if the player wants to continue training we can only accept a bank transfer, direct debit or standing order of £20 per month to be paid preferably on the 1st of every month.

If a player does not attend a training session we cannot refund this however if a cancellation is made by the club then we will use the money to deduct players costs off club events only.

If a player leaves within the month then we cannot refund any training sessions which have paid for and responsibility for stopping bank payments is the bank holders.

We do not handle cash unless otherwise stated so all payments to be made via bank transfer Sort code 16-28-14 Account number 1020153 players name as reference. Membership fees are non-refundable. Every year an annual fee of approx £20 (fee varies depending on age) must be made to England netball (EN) as part of a players affiliation. The fee has nothing to do with the club however being a member of the club means that the club organises this on your behalf. The club take payment from you along with player details and provide EN with this so the player is insured to play under EN rules and regulations