THE Giants are to introduce a monthly question and answer session on the club’s website forum.

The plan is to give supporters the opportunity to raise questions about the club and the team – and get a direct response from members of the management team.

Club director Graham Herstell said: “The forum is designed for fans to engage in debate about issues affecting the club and there have been some forthright opinions shared in recent days.

“I gave a response to some points this week on the forum.

“I don’t intend to do that very often as the forum is a place for fans to discuss things freely among themselves.

“But it is also right that people can put points to, ask questions of and receive information from the club.

“Once a month, for an hour each time, I will make myself available, via a thread on the forum, to answer questions and discuss issues and give fans feedback.

“My offer to talk to fans face to face also remains open. Anyone who would like to do so should contact me at