They claimed their first win of the season over Surrey Scorchers on Sunday, following seven defeats to start the new BBL campaign.

It was a relatively comfortable 91-79 victory and provides the perfect springboard for a run of four games in 10 days, starting with the trip to Worcester this Friday.

Yorick said: “It’s been a long time coming. We’ve played well the last few games, and we’ve always let ourselves down in one quarter.

“This week we managed to only slip for maybe five minutes. We followed the scout report and did a good job.

“I know what my guys can do and what they’re capable of. We’re still missing a few pieces of the jigsaw and that’s fine.

”We’ve lost tome tough games, we’ve been blown out, but at the same time we’ve not lost faith and we’ve started to believe in other now.”

Watch the full video interview on Giants TV below:

Watch the Giants team in action again this Sunday