British Basketball LeagueThe Giants will start the 2014-15 season with a trip to Leicester Riders.

And our first home game at our new base at the Trafford Powerleague Soccerdome will be two days later on Sunday, September 28 against Sheffield Sharks at 6pm.

The Worcester Wolves will be our visitors the following weekend before we make a Cup trip to Leeds Carnegie, one of two new teams in the BBL this season with Bristol, on October 10.

Giants home games will be on Sundays with 6pm tip-off.

Our ‘early bird’ season ticket offer runs until the end of June.

Giants fixtures 2014-15

27/9/2014 7:30pm CH (A): Leicester Riders
28/9/2014 6pm CH (H): Sheffield Sharks
5/10/2014 6pm CH (H): Worcester Wolves
10/10/2014 7:30pm CUP (A): Leeds Carnegie
12/10/2014 6pm CH (H): Bristol Flyers
17/10/2014 7:30pm CH (A): Sheffield Sharks
19/10/2014 6pm CH (H): Surrey United
26/10/2014 4pm CH (A): Durham Wildcats
31/10/2014 7pm CUP (A): Newcastle Eagles (If R1 Winner)
9/11/2014 6pm CH (H): Plymouth Raiders
14/11/2014 7:30pm CH (A): Worcester Wolves
16/11/2014 4pm CH (A): Durham Wildcats
23/11/2014 6pm CH (H): Cheshire Phoenix
28/11/2014 7:30pm CH (A): Plymouth Raiders
6/12/2014 7:30pm CH (A): Bristol Flyers
7/12/2014 6pm CH (H): London Lions
12/12/2014 7:30pm CH (A): Newcastle Eagles
21/12/2014 6pm CH (H): Durham Wildcats
28/12/2014 6pm CH (H): Surrey United
4/1/2015 5:30pm CH (A): Cheshire Phoenix
11/1/2015: CUP FINAL
16/1/2015 7:30pm CH (A): Leeds Carnegie
18/1/2015 6pm TRO (H): Sheffield Sharks
25/1/2015 6pm CH (H): Leicester Riders
1/2/2015 5pm CH (A): Glasgow Rocks
7/2/2015 7:30pm CH (A): Bristol Flyers
8/2/2015 6pm CH (H): Leeds Carnegie
15/2/2015 6pm CH (H): Glasgow Rocks
20/2/2015 7:30pm CH (A): Worcester Wolves
1/3/2015 6pm CH (H): Cheshire Phoenix
12/3/2015 7:30pm CH (A): London Lions
5/3/2015 6pm CH (H): Glasgow Rocks
21/3/2015 7pm CH (A): Surrey United
22/3/2015 6pm CH (H): Leicester Riders
27/3/2015 7:30pm CH (A): Newcastle Eagles
29/3/2015 6pm CH (H): Newcastle Eagles
5/4/2015 6pm CH (H): Leeds Carnegie
12/4/2015 4pm CH (A): Plymouth Raiders
17/4/2015 7:30pm CH (A): Sheffield Sharks
19/4/2015 6pm CH (H): London Lions