The Manchester Giants Basketball Club has today revealed its new brand identity which has been designed using a process called ‘co-creation’. 

Throughout 2020 players, fans, staff and volunteers have ‘co-created’ the new identity with Manchester based branding agency Bert.

This group also helped shape a new community engagement programme called “TEN x TEN”. This programme will see ten professional players becoming an ambassador for each of Greater Manchester’s ten boroughs.

Jamie Edwards, of the Manchester Giants said “Our new identity lays a marker for our ambitions both on and off the court. This year across all ten Greater Manchester boroughs we’ve seen people do incredible things. Giants have emerged in politics, in business, in education and in sport.” 

“Through pro basketball we know we can inspire people and bring smiles to faces. But we also know our role is much greater than this. Through real community engagement we can help people become giants in everything they do.”

The new identity is based on the shape of the Manchester coat of arms, which is symbolic of the close association between the club and city.

Chris Garratt, Managing Director of branding agency Bert said “Basketball is incredibly popular in Greater Manchester. The club outlined its desire to leverage this popularity to grow the game, and also help people grow in everything they do.”

“The process used to create the identity has helped kickstart this. The Giants now have an identity designed by the people of Greater Manchester for the people of Greater Manchester. It’s brave, forward looking, has basketball at its core, but has the potential to extend way beyond the game too.”

Jamie Edwards expanded “We are establishing a digital creative academy, teaming experienced professionals with apprentices. They 

will be given unique learning opportunities from an early age, contributing to court-side media coverage and working with professional athletes on a daily basis. This is the first of many initiatives designed to drive this basketball club, and this region, to even greater heights.”

There will also be an elite pathway to the Giants national league academy sides for the most talented prospects, many of whom would have traditionally gone abroad to further their talents.

Junior players will enter into the club’s college academy system and then onto the under 21 national league side at the apex of the academy before hopefully breaking into the first team.

The player pathway will be mirrored by the pathway in place for young people more interested in acquiring digital skills, such as photography, videography and design via a partner university and colleges. This pathway is also designed to culminate in workplace opportunities.

“Our TEN x TEN programme forms the basis for the club from top to bottom. We have modelled the best in the league, teams like Newcastle and Leicester, and admired their commitment to growing the game at the grass roots. Manchester has incredible potential in its community, its business base, its healthcare and education systems. Professional sports, and real community engagement, can help ensure this potential is fulfilled.”

This is a large role, but one that Jamie Edwards and his team appear happy to fill “Until now there’s been no pro-sports team representing the interests and growth of all ten boroughs of Greater Manchester. It’s a huge region and a Giant responsibility, which is perfect for us.”