The British Basketball Federation’s (BBF) Appeals Panel has heard an appeal by the Manchester Giants regarding the fielding of three ineligible players in a fixture on 20th September 2019 by the Glasgow Rocks.

The Federation’s panel which consisted of two BBF directors and an independent director from the BBL, unanimously upheld the appeal. The Giants have been awarded a 20-0 victory in the fixture, in line with FIBA rules.

The previous precedent in the BBL is that the playing of ineligible players has resulted in a forfeit.

In a statement, the Manchester Giants said,Manchester Giants are pleased with the successful appeal to the BBF and its unanimous decision to overturn the BBL disciplinary panel’s original decision to replay the game. It was very clear that the BBL disciplinary panel’s decision was flawed and this has raised some governance issues that we have requested that the BBL board address as a matter of urgency. Manchester Giants is also requesting a full refund of the compulsory £500 fee paid to the BBL for the appeal.  The Manchester Giants would like to make it clear that we accept the breach was a genuine mistake by the Glasgow Rocks and that our issue was with the way it was dealt with. We’d like to stress our fantastic past and ongoing working relationship with the Glasgow Rocks.