jeffcropTHE Giants are looking to extend their winning home run to four games against old rivals Sheffield on Sunday (5.30pm).

And coach Jeff Jones is expecting a tough physical test.

The Giants have beaten Birmingham, Plymouth and Surrey in their hot streak at Wright Robinson – and owe the Sharks one for a flat performance in their early-season home clash with the Yorkshire outfit.

Jones (pictured) said: “We need to control the tempo and we have to match their physical style.

“I think, now that he is just concentrating on coaching, Atiba Lyons has them playing much more consistently and to a style that really fits their personnel.

“It will be a tough game but we are looking forward to the challenge.”

Sharks coach Lyons said: “I know Manchester really like to spread the floor for their shooters and push the tempo on offence. We will need to combat that and try and knock them out of rhythm.

“I say this every time this early in the season, on more than one occasion in my career we have sat in first place all season and finished second at the end.

“It is irrelevant being first if that’s not where you finish. This season I see four or five teams that will be hanging around for number one I just hope we are one of them.”

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