eavesTHE Giants fell agonisingly short in Bristol during a last-gasp scramble.

The Flyers had edged the first quarter 22-20 and held a 40-36 lead at half-time.

But the Giants surged back in the third period, claiming the upper hand and going into the final quarter two up at 54-52.

The fourth was a nip-and-tuck affair before foul trouble for the Giants as well as turnovers put the home side at an advantage.

They took a three-point lead into the dying seconds and despite three attempts from beyond the arc, the Giants could find a game-levelling shot.

Jeff Jones’ men fouled to regain possession with single figures left on the clock but the Flyers edged further into the lead with shots from the line.

Ben Eaves hit 14 and took 11 rebounds while Ingus Bankevics scored the same amount. David Watts was the Giants only other player in double figures with 11.

GIANTS: Eaves 14, 11rbs; Bankevics 14, 7rbs; Watts 11; Jones 8; Gill 7, 4as; Bernard 5; Best 4; Gayle 2 Murtagh 2.