The visiting Wolves took a 16-0 lead at the srat of the game and it left the Giants with a mountain to climb.

Sam Toluwase’s game-high 26 points and 21 from Jerelle Okoro gave Yorick Williams’ men a fighting chance while Callum Jones had 19 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists.

But Andrew Bachman and Danny Huffor scored 21 points apiece, while Marek Klassen had 14 assists to go with 13 points in the win for the Wolves to send the Giants to a seventh straight loss.

Wolves raced out of the blocks and Bachman netted three of his five first quarter triples in a 16-0 start for the visitors. Klassen dished out eight assists during the period as his side established a 16-31 advantage.

The Giants had rallied with six points from Toluwase and despite being down as many as 24 in the second, they put together an 8-0 run and Toluwase then netted from downtown at the buzzer.

The Giants continued their fightback and closed to within nine points during the third before the visitors pushed the lead out to 14 with 10 minutes remaining.

Worcester maintained their firm advantage and led 73-88 with under four to go, but the Giants produced a late 9-1 surge to apply pressure, though it proved too late to change the outcome.