The morning started with a video from Austin Rettig, who sadly couldn’t make the trip to Spain due to a delay with his visa paperwork, that was shared on the club’s social media.

That was followed by breakfast in the hotel and then a team meeting, where various things were discussed relating to the new season.

The core part of the morning was a fantastic session with new club partner, Challenger Insights, who have been working with the coaching staff on analysis. Tom Fletcher has travelled with the team this weekend and built up an excellent rapport with the players, having first met them at the USA Select friendly last week.

After that, it was time to be taken to the city hall of Tortosa, where a presentation was made to the city’s dignitaries together with representatives from the Cantaires Tortosa basketball club, whose entire squad was also present.

Giants vests and Manchester calendars were presented, and then it was time for lunch at La Vegeuria, once again fantastic hosts.

The players then had some downtime ahead of a 5.45pm meet for the game.

The arena is literally a stone’s throw from the hotel, so the players walked over and got to warm-up ahead of the 7pm tip.

Fortunately, a storm over night hadn’t cleared the clouds and so it was a relatively overcast and at times rainy day, meaning the temperatures were no where near as bad as the previous night’s practice.

Most importantly, we recorded an important win against the Tortosa side, and most encouraging was the players response to the team meetings earlier in the day.

A trip for food was then followed by an early night, ahead of a lunch time game on Sunday against Europe Basketball Academy.