Manchester Giants head coach Danny Byrne says the club’s tough start to the new season could be a blessing.

The fixture planners haven’t been kind to the Giants and their new coach, starting his first year in the BBL, putting them up against reigning champions Leicester Riders in the very first game of the season.

That is followed by trips to London Lions and Glasgow Rocks, which sandwich a home game with Newcastle Eagles.

Byrne said: “It is what it is. We’ll work hard and prepare for it. We’ve just got to concentrate on us rather than who they are or aren’t.

“Leicester have lost a few players, so is this maybe the best time to play them while the new players gel?

“I’ve been looking at the fixtures to see where we could maybe go on a run, and it’s tough.

“The tough start could screw us up straight away, but it’s professional sport.

“Look at Leicester City. That’s an inspiration for anyone in sport. Why not?

“It could be a blessing. The teams we face might not have gelled, and so there might be an opportunity to pinch a win where it is not expected.”

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